Cedar Park Presentation/Parent Day reminders

Hello CP families! I just wanted to send out a few quick reminders regarding your arrival in the morning. Please have your child come in their TREA t-shirt, however ‘fun’ bottoms may be worn, or hats, suitable for the music performance. Also please remember that the church is having a small funeral during the same time. We have been asked to fill up the parking spaces to the side and back of the gym. If spaces fill up, please use the parking spaces as close to the play scape as possible.

Furthermore, please enter the main gym doors and send your k-6th grade students to the music room at 9:15 AM. Please take one music program per family on the way in, take snacks to the food tables and find a seat. Please keep all siblings safely away from the music set, including equipment and props.

There will be rows of chairs in the gym as well as seats around the tables. Don’t worry, we will have speakers and microphones in use so everyone should be able to hear regardless of where you sit in the gym. Families with small children, you may want to sit at the tables opposite side of the fish tales set (closer to the restrooms) in case you need to take a little one out of the gym should he/she become fussy. Thank you!

Also, water is available in coolers. The green cooler has smaller water bottles for the kiddos, and there are also cups for the water fountain. Please make sure no children are left unattended at any time. Also, please make sure children are not climbing on the playscapes once we are dismissed for the day! Thank you for your understanding and we look forward to a wonderful morning in fellowship, celebrating your children!

Speaking of your children, each are so unique and cherished by all teachers in the program. We all feel incredibly blessed for every day we share together, and I thank you for your commitment to the program, from the bottom of my heart!

Angela Turner, Director