CP this Wednesday! (to include parking and arrival details)

Hello CP families! This Wed. please arrive at 9:15 and send your kiddos straight to the music room. Your child is to wear his/her TREA t-shirt, and may wear fun pants to roll up and/or hats for music.

Upon arrival, please park in the back of the church (behind and to the side of the gym) or directly in front of our car pool doors. The church will hold a funeral in the main church building and café during the same time and we want to reserve all front parking and areas nearest the church for those attending. Thank you!

Again, please send your child/children straight to the music room. Near the entrance of the gym doors you will find music programs. Please take just one per family, place snacks on designated tables and find a seat to await the start of the program. Parents, please remind your children to not talk or horse play when awaiting their turn to perform in the musical. Last week during rehearsal 3-6th graders in particular were very chatty, and some disruptive. Mrs. Larsen has worked very hard to assure their success but talking instead of listening and standing quietly drowns out the sound of others performing. Thank you.

Here’s the schedule again, and please be advised that there may need to be slight adjustments to the specified times.
Parent/Presentation DayWed. May 17
*(Start) 9:30-10:15 MUSIC K-6 ALL STUDENTS TO THE MUSIC ROOM – Parents in the gym, please take 1 program per family on the way in, please snacks on designated tables and find a seat.
*10:15-10:45 ART & SPANISH Galleries
OPEN HOUSE/WALK THROUGH-K-6 Please make sure your children stay with you during this time. At no time are children permitted to roam the building without parental/teacher supervision.
*11:00am 5/6 Grade SPEECH presentations-GYM (please return to your seat in the sanctuary)
*11:20 Student scripture reading
*11:20-11:30 Begin With Snacks and Fellowship
*12:15 Clean Up – Your helping stacking tables and chairs would be greatly appreciated. PLEASE CHECK THE LOST AND FOUND BINS FOR ITEMS!
Also, please remember to label foods, especially if they contain nuts or dairy. All boys are to bring a salty or savory snack, enough to feed 3 or 4. Salty or savory may include veggies, dips, finger sandwiches, etc. All girls are to bring a sweet snack, enough to feed 3 or 4, to include fruit, fruit salad, healthy desserts or an item of choice. (During Spanish presentations many students brought and were excited to share unique recipes representing various countries. This may spark an idea for your student to bring again). Please let me know if you have any questions. Thank you and I look forward to celebrating a wonderful year!

Angela Turner, Director