CP 5/11 Spanish


This week we traveled to Peru with Elizabeth! She took us on a tour of Machu Picchu and showed us a traditional dress that a young girl would wear in Peru. We met Damien’s pollo (Garlic). Also, Cole introduced us to his familia, and we learned his favorite food is mine as well! Pizza! 😁

Bella, Callen, Ezra and Alyssa traveled to Mexico this week, and our class tagged along! Bella explained the reason for their holiday ( Dia de los muertos). Alyssa shared her vanilla orchid planta (found in Mexico) with us. Callen took us to a soccer game and explained that the locals love fútbol more than tacos! Ezra told us about the many volcanes found in Mexico. When we returned back to class Brayden invited us to travel to Argentina with him and we got to meet his favorite basketball player (Manu Ginobili), he is so alto (tall)! On our way back we stopped by to visit Mason in Guatemala. He shared some interesting facts about a healing plant that can be found in Guatemala, Aloe Vera. We also played a quick game of Spanish bingo!

This week we visited Argentina with Kolby, ate delicious galletas with coco. We also met one of his soccer coaches who also played soccer in Argentina! Also learned about one of the widest streets in the world found in Argentina! Madeline also brought us galletas de canela (cinnamon cookies) yummy kids! Gracias!

See you next week kiddos! ☺️
Maria Rodriguez

Maria Rodriguez

Maria Rodriguez