CP Spanish 5/5


This week we met Elizabeth’s pollo (chicken) Sage. Owen told us when he grows up he would like to be an ( official de policía), and also visited China with Michael and his familia. We met Austins abuelo y abuela and Emma introduced us to Lola, her perro! Congratulations to Damien for collecting the most stamps in my class!

Last week Sarah brought cocadas from Chile, and this week she shared some interesting facts from that country. Isaac showed us a picture of a giant 2 foot toad from Equatorial Guinea! Alice brought us cafe from Honduras, and showed us a beautiful purse that was hand made there. Grace shared yummy treats with us from Equatorial Guinea, plantains and sweet potato chips . We also learned about el dia de los muertos in Mexico from Daniel, and had chicle as well!

Ian took us on a journey to the Dominican Republic, we sampled plantain chips and met some baseball players from there! We traveled back to Mexico with Jude, saw some really beautiful beaches. Jude also shared with us beautiful pictures of the many animales that can be found in Mexico. Charlotte passed around lempiras from Honduras, and Zoe shared pan dulce with us. Congratulations to Timothy for collecting the most stamps in my class!

Congratulations to Annalei for collecting the most stamps/stickers in my class! This week Josiah took us on a journey to Spain, we learned about one of their favorite sports (bull fighting). Josiah also shared galletas from Spain with us ( Palmeritas) yummy! Gracias!

Maria Rodriguez