Tuition week- plus, the results are in…

Our 4 week fruit and vegetable challenge has come to an end. Students (and parents too) spent the last 4 weeks getting more creative with their lunches, adding more varieties of whole fruits and veggies, to ‘bring on’ the color of the rainbow! I am so proud of everyone and it is my hope that enthusiasm for healthier lunches persists! Why, because we truly are what we eat!

Did you know that every 35 days your skin replaces itself? Your liver, in about a month and red blood cells take about 4 months. In fact, your whole body regenerates everything in about 7 years. Your body makes these new cells from the food you eat. What you eat literally becomes you. We have a choice in what you are made of so we should choose wisely.

Now, on to the reveal those who received the most points for eating the rainbow in a variety of fruits and veggies. (Individual student points were tallied as well as overall points per class). The results are…

K/1- Hunter
1/2- Luke
3/4- Haley
5/6- Hannah and Ryan tied

Highest scoring RR class- K/1!

K/1- Zane
1/2- Grace R.
3/4- Drake
5/6- Matthieu

Highest scoring CP class- 1/2!

Each class will be rewarded for their good efforts with a smoothie party (made with coconut and/or flax seed milk, organic strawberries, peaches and frozen bananas).
Students with the highest points will receive an additional prize, as will the class with the highest points. Those students with allergies may choose a prize instead of a smoothie. Way to go all!

As a reminder, tuition is due this week. Also, an email with details on parent day and field day will be sent mid week! I hope you had a wonderful weekend!

Angela Turner, Director