4/27 CP Spanish


Thank you for bringing in your projects estudiantes!
This week we heard a story titled ( Mas Gazpacho!) We learned a quién ama mas Samuel ( Jesus Christ ), who he loves the most ☺️. The kids also met Rourke’s perro Bailey, and went on vacación with Graces familia. Kiddos, we will get to the rest of your presentations in the next coming weeks! Thank you for being patient!

This week the twins brought us galletas from Spain! Gracias boys! We traveled to Costa Rica and tried Costa Rican black bean soup! Visited Mexico and learned about a game they play similar to Chutes and Ladders ( Serpientes y Escaleras), and also sampled some flan! We had delicious Cocadas from Chile and will hear more about that country next week from Sarah! Thank you Jeshua for sharing your sombrero with us!

This week we traveled to Mexico with Haley! Had taquitos and washed them down with soda from Mexico (Jarritos)!
Visited Spain with Natalie while eating Tortilla España. Timothy shared a favorite from Spain (Quiché made with Chorizo and potatoes). Wrapped up class with something sweet, brought in by Jonah Chicle from Mexico! Gum! Thank you moms!

This week the kids and I met Tuckers grandfather while traveling to Paraguay! And got to eat Sopa Paraguayan! Also, Annalei took us on a trip to Equatorial Guinea where the language of Spanish is also spoken! We learned about different types of turtles and saw beautiful tropical forests. We also got to try some papaya from there!

Thank you parents for sending in all the yummy food and props for the kiddos presentations! Gracias!

Maria Rodriguez