TREA RR & CP reminders & upcoming dates

Hello TREA families! I hope you had an amazing weekend! First I wanted to follow up regarding happenings last week. At both locations we held a safety drill and quickly gathered students in the restrooms. The procedure was used to practice quickly moving to the most interior room (without windows) in the building to practice for both tornado and intruder threats. Students were very calm and I appreciate their cooperation.

*Tomorrow is the last week of our fruit and veggie challenges! Bring the rainbow of variety! I will be tallying the numbers and students will receive something special for their good efforts! I’m so proud of them! I’ve seen amazing effort and it’s wonderful to see them nourish their bodies! Thanks for the support parents.

*If you have any coffee cans you don’t need, Mrs. L is collecting some for Art.

Also, tomorrow in RR, Mrs. Klemmer will have a teacher shadow her in all Spanish classes. Mrs. Lomas is fluent in Spanish, works in children’s minister and is completing her teaching certification.

We only have 3 weeks of full classes left this year, followed by end of the year presentations/parent day. Below are dates for both locations.
*Round Rock-
Last day of full classes- Mon. May 15
End of the Year Presentations- Mon. May 22

*Cedar Park-
Last day of full classes- May 10
End of the Year Presentations- Wed. May 17

On presentation day, not all students will present in each class. Art and Spanish may have an open house or walk through “gallery”. Each day will begin at 9:30 and will wrap up at noon. I will send a schedule with details soon.

*To better connect or families, Field Day will be Wed. May 24 for both locations. Details forthcoming soon.

LOST ITEMS- Parents, I have even more unclaimed jackets, water bottles and even pencil cases. Please check for lost items at the end of each school day. Thank you.

REGISTRATION- final registration forms, along with the $75 supply fee per family, $25 supply fee per child and first month of tuition, must be submitted on or before May 15, 2017. (Below is the registration link). Grades are already wait-listed in CP and to best prepare for classes next year, I appreciate your understanding and promptness. If you need additional time or need to make alternate arrangements for payment, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

I look forward to seeing you all this week.

Angela Turner, Director