Our "flat me" bodies are coming along nicely. This week we discussed how long the digestive system would be if it could stretch out end to end–on average 23 feet long! Each student used different colors of yarn to measure the sections of the digestive system, so look for a LONG ball of yarn in their take home folder! The digestive system:
Mouth-6 in.
Esophagus-15 in.
Stomach-8 in.
Small intestine-240 in.
Large intestine-60 in.
How God designed our bodies to fit in all of these different parts is a mystery!?!
Each student brought home the stomach, small intestine, large intestine, and liver to color. We will put these on our "flat me" next week so make sure they have them in their folders! If they missed it, I have extra copies.
Some of the students got a food log to begin recording their food intake. Everyone will get a food log next week but record their foods any way that works for you if you would like this week.
Many Blessings,
Michelle Cecil