Spanish CP


Mi cuerpo will be our topic this month, vocabulary words will be in the red folder. Some of our friends also wrote the words in their red spiral notebook. The kiddos sang along to ( head, shoulder, knees and toes) in Spanish. No homework this week.

Saludos! We will be reinforcing our greeting skills this month with conversation with classmates, singing and vocabulary phrases/ words. Check the red spiral for this months list. We also learned a (saludos) song that we sang to the tune of ( take me out to the ballgame). Finish writing your words in the red spiral notebook for homework if not complete during class.

We will be conversing and greeting each other this month during class. Complete pages 8 ,9 in the workbook for homework. Also, please finish writing your vocabulary words in the red spiral notebook. Gracias!

We will be learning how to properly use los adjetivos masculine/ feminine. Finish page 27 for homework (remember to change the underline adjective to match the gender) reference page 26 for help.

Gracias! Feliz fin de semana!
Maria Rodriguez