Greetings parents of
5/6 grade @Round Rock
This group of students are amazing.
With the slightest of nudge at the beginning of the year, and the freedom to expand themselves as individuals, as well as solidify and strengthen as a cohesive group I see dynamic things happening in our time together!

I am consistently impressed to see the girls support the Kinder/first grade throughout the day during transition time just as the boys are supporting the first/second grade.

A few weeks ago the students wanted to honor me on my birthday; and did so by bringing in cookies.
This then developed into a joint decision and schedule drawn up by the students to, in turn, serve and delight one another by bringing in cookies each week.

Last week as we spoke about a Valentine celebration the students ran with and developed an idea of a community meal within our class.
They are to bring a food item that they -love- to share.
I will provide
Turkey and cheese sandwiches.
They will also be bringing in a character trait that they admire and see in an assigned classmate.
If they forget which classmate they can provide one for another, as I will provide one for each so there will be no fear of anyone being left out.

Words fall short when I try to express my admiration and respect for each of these young ladies and gentlemen. They provide joy, muse and hope for me weekly. I view our time together as golden, and sincerely thank you for sharing them with our beautiful TREA program.

Most sincerely in service
Jenna M

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