CP 2/9 Spanish


During carpet time this week we discussed what kind of alimentos our moms/dads packed us for lunch. The kiddos learned how to say the various names in Spanish. For homework this week please file the worksheet (alimentos) completed during class. Gracias!

This week we played Spanish charades with our vocabulary words (actividades). Great job students! We had fun! And had several winners.

We took turns reading (mi recamara) y ( en mi bano) in Spanish and english this week. Translating our Spanish words to English using our vocabulary words (mi casa). We also had a few ( mi casa) presentations. The kids also completed a word search in our workbook pg 44 Finish for homework this week.

This week the kiddos formed small sentences on the board using (ar) verbs. Complete page 13 for homework (las frases) if not finished in class.

Have a great fin de semana!
Maria Rodriguez