TREA update

Good morning TREA families! I wanted you to know that I am currently working on updating registration information for next school year and I will keep you posted as to when links on the website are ready. This year I hope to have a link where current families will register first, and forms from the actual registration packet that were printed this year will only need to be completed if there are changes in banking or medical information, or if a new sibling is added.

Also, this time of year I arrange new family meetings and informational tours, so your children may notice guests with me in the hallways. Many of these families were recommended by you to the program, and I am so very grateful! (On the website, the link for new families to complete a pre-enrollment questionnaire and schedule a tour will remain).

CP families, I will be off campus a lot today but I am always available via phone should you need to discuss anything. Thank you for all the updates via text this morning, and I hope you all have an incredible day!

Angela Turner, Director