RR Spanish 2/6/17

Hola! Below are highlights from each RR Spanish class today. All grades will begin applying more of what they’ve been learning as they write their Spanish words more in class.

K/1 – practiced vocabulary for “en el circo” and had fun with action words. Upon arrival from now on, our K/1 students will start practicing writing. Please help your child practice the writing of their name at home in both Spanish and English, and if they have mastered this, practice the writing of our other Spanish words. Gracias!

1/2- worked on vocabulary “en el circo” and formed sentences (formando oraciones).

3/4 – worked on pronouns (los pronombres) practiced vocabulary, “en el circo”

5/6 – worked with the conjugation of Spanish verbs ending in “er” and translated phrases from English into Spanish.

Great job today estudiantes!

Senora K