Corrected class rosters and other updates

Happy Monday! Below are the names of the students in each class, hopefully with all spelling (and human) errors corrected. Please let me know if you see any additional changes that need to be made. 5/6 is the only grade that will NOT need to make Valentine cards for their classmates, however I still included the list of names for 5/6.

Also, regarding the dress code, updates have not officially been made in the student handbook yet but I have been permitting students to wear conservative athletic attire. In both Martial Arts and PE activities, some of the uniform bottoms can seem restrictive. Leggings and skirts (with shorts underneath) for girls and athletic pants/shorts for boys are permissible, as long as they are conservative in length, not too tight or bright with distracting logos, and are free of tears and holes.

Also, LISD has a student holiday today and so at the Round Rock campus Mrs. L has her daughters Jean (K) and Bella (3rd) joining us. Shihan Yokum has his son Robert (6th) joining as his helper in Martial Arts today and he is quite accomplished in that sport himself. Speaking of, here is Gracelyn, our January “student of the month” in Martial Arts. Congratulations again Gracelyn!

K-4 students at both campuses will need to have Valentine cards (inexpensive store-bought is fine) addressed to each student in their homeroom next week. Thank you!

*RR K/1 (11)
Hunter, Ashlynn , Levi, Grace, Caleb, Gavin, Estela, Carson, Abby, Megan, Brooklyn

*RR 1/2 (11)
Brooke, Daniel, Nicholas, Mason, Gracelyn, Leonidas, Austin, Carina, Abby, Luke, Marissa

*RR 3/4 (12)-
Brittany, Logan, Isabella, Maria, Sean, Haley, Grayson, Brayden, Lilah, Lily, Jason, Maranda

*RR 5/6 (7)
Hannah, Sophie, Quinn, Ryan, Phoenix, Sommer, Colby

*CP K/1 (19) –
Grace, Damion, Austin, Michael, Rourke, Emma, Ryan, Elodie, Eric, Ellie, Jax, Owen, Zane, Eveyst, Elizabeth, Samuel, Cole, Maddie, Whitney

*CP 1/2 (24) –
Sarah A., Alaina, Joseph, Mason, Gabriel, Cohyn, Bella, Anabelle, Alice, Jeshua, Daniel, Ezra, Chloe, Eliza, Sara L., Brayden, Isaac, Callen, Alyssa, Grace, Mariah, Miah, Dillon, Harrison

*CP 3/4 (20)-
Colby, Vincent, Natalie, Jordan, Luke, Madeline, Haley, Charlotte, Jonah, Drake, Evan, Aravis, Savanna, Ryder, Zoe, Jadyn, Jon, Jude, Iain, Timothy

*CP 5/6 (12)-
Tucker, Ari, Bronson, Anna, Matthieu, Adeline, Zoe Rose, Josiah, Levi, Taryn, Seth, Annalei

Angela Turner, Director