80% of all conflict is a result of mis- or ineffective communication.

Greetings all
3-6 grade deepened their understanding of skills to build on to be an effective listener;
Self control and to stay engaged in the conversation- (not letting ones mind wander) as well as a desire to give respect through
wanting to hear and understand
the individuals point of view are the cornerstones of effective listening.
Supporting activity;
We again, using various words, were reminded of the varying degrees of definitions for our everyday words.

-No homework –

1/2 grade again focused on
– stating what you need-
People aren’t mind readers, if we have a need we must communicate it rather than getting sad, nippy, or
enacting the silent treatment.
*State the fact( in each and every situation)
*Always- include the feeling
*State what you need

( fact- little bro took the last cookie,
feeling – I am Mad, I was going to eat it
what do I need- someone to listen, and allow me to have frustration
and my retaliation will dissolve

Supporting activity;
Telephone ( garbled communication)
game- ( the kids Loved it, lots of laughter)

-No homework-

K-1 we listened to
Uncle Wiggley and the Lion
audio story
Supporting activity;
Hot potato game

– No homework-

Very sincerely in service,
Jenna M

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