CP 2/3 Spanish


We begin our lesson in Los Alimentos, this months vocabulary words can be found in the red folder. For homework please have the kiddos file, they are hole punched and ready to go. We learned the names of various foods in Spanish.

Las Actividades will be our focus this month. Please make sure your child has his/her Spanish II book, we will be working in that book this month. For homework please complete pages 46, 47 las actividades. Our vocabulary list can be found in the red spiral notebook.

We will be learning about our casa this month, rooms and the various items found in these rooms in Spanish. For homework this week please finish copying your vocabulary words in the red spiral notebook.
OPTIONAL ASSIGNMENT for extra points- Create your casa using any materials of your choice, label and use a minimum of 10 vocabulary words. Be ready to present your project to the class in Spanish!

The kiddos took turns conjugating on the board (ar verbs) using yo, tu, usted , el y ella. For homework this week complete page 12 in the workbook, we will be using those words to create small sentences in Spanish.

Have a wonderful weekend kids😊
Maria Rodriguez