RR Martial Arts HW, Highlights and Student of the Month

Breathing is a part of living but when it comes to physical activity we are more athletically potent when we consciously breathe. Breath control is a tool that benefits us in various formats. The classes at the Round Rock location address breathing with intent regularly. We begin the class with a particular breathing pattern. We breathe in for a count of four, hold that breath for a count of four, then exhale for a count of eight. Throughout the year we have used this breath to settle our thoughts so we can be more aware students. We have used this breathing pattern to pray for people we know to heal; we have used this pattern with intent of gratitude; we have used this breathing technique to focus on forgiveness of others, and more.

Recently we have used this breath for self-forgiveness. We started with a question: Have you ever been a part of something which you have received forgiveness from God and from the person that was offended or hurt by our behavior, but you still feel guilty about that thing? When you think of it you still feel guilt, or shame, or anxiety, or disappointment, or “whatever?” The instructions were: as we breathe in for a count of four, we are to envision and feel God’s spirit of forgiveness filling us; as we hold for the count of four, we are to imagine that forgiveness becoming us, transforming the self-guilt into self-forgiveness; and as we breath out for a count of eight we are to envision the old point of view that held guilt, shame, anxiety, disappointment, self-loathing, or “whatever” leaving us. After repeating the breathing cycle several times the class is reminded that they can now put in peace and gratitude for the forgiveness in place of those old feelings.
Remember the basics of this breathing pattern are breath in for a count of 4, hold the breath for a count of 4, then breath out for a count of 8. This breathing tool can help settle the mind, body, and spirit to help us get to sleep on restless nights, for more effective prayer, and many other possibilities.


During our last class we worked on head blocks. Their homework between classes is to get in front of a mirror so they can see themselves and perform a head block followed by a head targeted punch (combination) twenty times with each arm.


Our January 2017, P.E. student of the month is Gracelyn from the 1st/2nd grade group. Congratulations Gracelyn! It was difficult to pick this month because we have had so many who remain focused and exhibit “personal best” behavior but Gracelyn stood out because of her patience, kindness, and focus. By earning “Student of the Month,” Gracelyn has earned herself and her family a complimentary month of martial art classes for the N. Austin and / or Cedar Park Austin locations. Gracelyn will have a certificate to acknowledge her award at Monday’s class.
Shihan Yokum


Attached are some photos from Monday’s class.