3-6 grade listened to an audio drama and read through a few pieces- trying to get that heightened emotion and passion; that captures the audience’s attention, into their readings.

No homework

1/2 We read
The Brahman, Tiger & Jackal
And discussed this story of
-keeping ones promises-
Homework consists of using
The Weave Web
paper that was sent home.
The student has chosen one character from the story we read and placed his name in the center of the web- in the 6 spaces surrounding the circle, I am asking for the student to list as many of the characteristics that they can remember- that that character possesses. For example;
The Tiger breaks promises-etc
The Brahman is gullible -etc
The Jackal is cleaver- etc
I would do this assignment sooner rather than later as their recall of the story may fade.

K-1 We read, discussed and acted out The Three Little Pigs

Most sincerely in service
Jenna Martin