TREA- Round Rock only

Hello TREA RR parents! It was truly wonderful to be back with your kiddos this week! We missed Mrs. Cecil and she will be back next week from her family trip, but it was wonderful to have Mrs. Haker with 3/4 homeroom and for Science. All students learned about the respiratory system, completed a “Respiration Book” and also played Body Bingo.

I enjoyed time with the Martial Arts classes as we worked on balancing skills, right and left side coordination, traveling push-ups (or dragon walks) and Hamster Run with the hula hoops. Ms. Light joined our teaching team today to assist some throughout the day and with some of the P.E activities. She has been working in an early childhood educational setting, but just recently completed her Bachelor’s degree in Education.

Shihan Yokum will also be back next week, however Mrs. Lagmanson (L) will be out of state with her family. Mrs. Haker will be the substitute teacher for all Art classes, and wonderful things have already been planned by Mrs. L.

Thank you so much for the wonderful, advance communication regarding your child’s absence, delay in arrival time, etc. Thank you for all your support and for Sharing your amazing children with us! Have a blessed rest of the week!

Angela Turner, Director