RR TREA Highlights from Today and News for next Monday

Thank you to those kiddos who were able to participate in today’s special Martial Arts class (and thanks to the parents who made it possible and/or stayed and participated). I am so grateful for Shihan Yokum and all the wonderful things that he teaches our TREA kiddos, and grateful for his extended time today!

Kiddos learned even more about muscles in movement, Japanese words for some of those muscles, counting in Japanese and proper ways to warm up and stretch, in addition to self defense awareness. Plus, we snacked on “colors of the rainbow”, talked about which of these colorful fruits and vegetables were high in calcium and vitamin C, and even discussed which of the fruits and veggies are best to buy organic. Check out the “Clean 15” and the “Dirty Dozen” lists.

Next week (1/23) Mrs.Haker will be teaching Science for Mrs. Cecil (who will still be out of town wth family). I will be teaching P.E./Martial Arts for Shihan Yokum while he is participating in “The Ride to the Capital” helping raise awareness for motorcycle safety and working toward new legislation. (Neat!)

I hope you’re enjoying the day with the family and I am so grateful for your family and your participation in TREA!

Angela Turner, Director