Reminders for this week + Choir concept highlights

Hello! I hope you’ve had a wonderful weekend! First, to the families that were able to attend the choir concert at the nursing home/memory center, thank you! I am so proud of our TREA children and they truly did a wonderful thing for the residents. One of the staff members told me that she saw two residents that won’t even talk singing along and I know that God worked through your kiddos. today. Below are some pictures highlighting the event and if you’d like to share any you took, feel free to email them to me. A huge thank you to Mrs. Larsen for organizing the day. Your love for the kiddos and music is heart warming and we appreciate you!

As a reminder, at both CP and RR locations this week, students may wear an “ugly” or festive sweater if they have one, or they can make one (this is optional). We will have popcorn treats and although it will be non-GMO and gluten-free, you are welcome to send an alternate treat with your child if you prefer. Also, for those who missed last week, tuition will be due this week. Lastly, thank you for your continued prayers for our TREA families who await medical testing and healing. May God bless you all!

Angela Turner, Director