Tuition due this week, plus pics from the family fun run

Hello! I hope you had a wonderful weekend, and stayed cozy and dry. If you pay by cash or check, tuition is due this week. For parents who walk up, I will have a clear plastic bin labeled “Tuition box” near the main entrance of each location. If you’re paying cash, please seal it in an envelope with your child’s name written on it. Thank you!

Below are just some pics from the family fun run/community service project. Thank you to those of you who participated and donated to the event. If you have already delivered your child’s bags to the homeless and have a story or pictures to share, please email me with details or request to post it on our private Facebook parent page.

If your child donated the $10 but could not make it this past Friday, he/she will be able to participate and make their blessing bags during school hours this week. More pics and highlights are forthcoming. Thank you and I look forward to seeing you this week!

Angela Turner, Director

1 milers prepare for take off!

And they’re off!

1/2 milers ready to go!


Kaeden, what a leader!

Go go!

Siblings too!

TREA moms set an incredible example!

The 1/2 mile and mile junction, and the awesome Jeshua cheering runners on!

In the lead…

Go Mrs. Daniel and Charlotte!

Mrs. Larsen and her son Eric!

Top 2 finishers! Way to go Evan and Bronson!

Over 50 sets of blessing bags filled so far!