RR Theatre Reminder for 3rd-6th Performances Tomorrow

Greetings TREA families,

The 5-6 grade theater group cordially invites you to a production titled
The Horse Blanket
on 12/5 from 9:15-10am

This classic medieval tale will be retold again by our TREA students as a reminder for our need to possess virtues and the consequences when we don’t.

Also the 3-4 grade TREA Theater students cordially invites you to their play called
12 Angry Pigs
“A Spoof of ‘Twelve Angry Men’ by Wade Bradford”
on 12/5 from 10:00- 10:45

Parents, if you can make it, please be seated in the sanctuary. If you are unable to attend, we will be taking plenty of pictures and videos.

For any questions please contact Jenna Martin (512) 639-4330.