Candies that made the top 10 “worst” list + tuition reminder

Hey awesome TREA families! I’m hoping you had an amazing weekend with a lot of fun and relaxation! Below is a link to a YouTube video highlighting the candies that made the top 10 list for the worst. Yikes!

Our first candy swap will begin tomorrow (for those who may have trick-or-treated over the weekend) during lunch/recess and will continue in Round Rock through next Monday. I am still on the hunt for certain items I’ve seen before, but I have plenty of healthier versions (free of corn syrup, preservatives, food dyes and artificial colors/flavors) of gummies, lollipops and fruit strips, along with prizes/rewards.

As a reminder, if you are paying tuition via check or cash, it is due this week during morning drop off or afternoon pick up. Also, if your child has not yet brought in a piece of cardboard for Art, please make sure to have it this week (with your child’s name is on it). Thank you so much and I look forward to another great week!

Angela Turner, Director