Communications 10/19


3-6 grade has moved into a new phase, they have completed their instruction in speech writing and will begin implication.
The last two weeks we have reviewed, and the students understand this is THEIR assignment not mamas!
We projected in class that it will take 1-2 hours to write a 1-2 minute persuasive speech. And an additional 40 minutes to practice the speech into memorization throughout the week.
The students committed to this and have an accountability outline in their folder.
I don’t expect perfection- I do
anticipate a solid honest effort.

HOMEWORK-; persuasive speech
ALL students in 5/6 grade
6 students in 3/4 grade;

1/2 the girls gave terrific speeches.
Next week is the boys turn.
We began our vocabulary study this week- discussion revolved around how our words come from around the world, blend together and give us the ” English” language.

K/1 we read and discussed
city mouse- country mouse
Played a listening game as well.