RR parent update 10/17

Hello RR parents! Today was another great day! The church has made good progress on the new section of the building and has plans for completion around the 1st week of November. Today there was a contractor on campus with church staff and although the pastor informed me no major construction work will be done while we are in session, we may occasionally see someone inspecting the work.

Also, Mrs. Kaderli, our teacher’s aid, joined us during Art classes with grades k/1 and 3/4. (Mrs. Lagmanson left after recess to pick up her daughter early from school). I will always do my best to let you know should there be a guest or worker of any kind on campus during our class times.

Please make sure your children make it to school with all their supplies in their backpacks and that they have sharpened pencils. Also, to eliminate spills and wet backpacks, please send your children to school with water bottles that they can easily close. Thank you!

Lastly, the topic of Halloween is beginning to buzz among students. As a reminder, we do not “celebrate” any “pagan” holiday during school hours and to eliminate distractions, costumes are not permitted. However, in homerooms, teachers may talk about how Christ can be the center in these holidays. šŸ˜Š Thank you for your support and understanding. Have a wonderful rest of the week!

Angela Turner, Director