We matched our animales with their Spanish translation today. Our activity is hole punched and ready to be filed in our Spanish folder ( some of our friends might have already filed) . If your child has a family pet ( mascota) and would like to share a picture of them with the class please send in a pic next week. We will be discussing our family mascotas. Gracias!

The kids played a vocabulary matching game this week, it was a little loud at times ☺️ but the students worked very hard and were able to assist each other in teams. A big thank you to Mrs. L for her help! Please complete page 18, 19 in the workbook for homework. About 5 mins of work time. Gracias!

I read a small passage from our Spanish book today, the kids had to identify and translate the Spanish vocabulary word. Please finish for homework if not complete. Also, complete page 68 for homework next week. Gracias!

We completed pages 16-19 in the workbook as a class. The students took turns translating short greetings on the board. Complete pages 20 and 21 for homework this week. Gracias!

Maria Rodriguez