CP Music 10/28

This week we started listening to music from Mexico, we read a story, learned Un Elefante and learned a Mexican circle dance.
Homework for all grades : Parents please help your students organize their green music folder songbooks. Please hole punch and number the songs in this order:
p. 1 Star Spangled Banner,
pp.2 and 3 Deep in the heart of Texas (which is 2 pages),
Pp 4 &5 Cai , Cai Balao (there are 2 pages to this)
p. 4 Portugese with the hot air balloon pic. ,
p. 5 pronunciation page.
P. 6 Un Elefante
Any other pages can go in the pocket, but these 6 should have page numbers and be hole punched. This saves me taking class time to do this, so we can focus class time on learning new songs Thanks so much!
Mrs. Larsen