All Art, All Grades CP and RR

All Art

It has been an exciting first few weeks. We’ve learned about light, value, shape and form. Together we have learned to create the illusion of turning a shape (circle) into a form (sphere). I’ve encouraged our students to apply these new tools to any of their drawings. To see the Geometric forms in all art and nature.

This week we dove into Positive and Negative space. Understanding, that it’s not just the object or positive space we need to concentrate on. But, we have to consider the negative space or the space around the objects. The negative space helps create and form the positive space. Your students may mention my “Jell-O” comparison. J

Please start gathering a piece of cardboard, or other sturdy backing for watercolor. We will be taping a piece of our sketchbook paper for painting purposes. Make sure the piece of cardboard is at least 1-2 inches larger than your student’s sketchbook.

Allergy note-I will be introducing Prismacolor brand Nupastels and Dickblick liquid watercolor very soon. Those with allergies please review the ingredients of these media. I truly hope all students will be able to use these as they have no comparison for richness.

Also, please ensure your student remembers their sketchbook and pencil bag. Students tend to get sad when they realize they are not prepared.

Mrs. L