RR Spanish Class 10-3

Hola queridos padres,

This week we learned about the Spanish words for food and drinks. We also focused on the days of the week. Attached is a song you can play at home that combines these words. We had fun in class singing and learning this song.
For homework, for all grades, I gave the students a handout in class called “Mi Comida”. Their assignment is to find and cutout from ads or magazines their favorite foods and glue them to the plate. Then try to label each item in Spanish. Buen provecho!
For 3rd – 6th grade, I passed out the “learning cards”. Your assignment is to cutout each card and save in a plastic sandwich bag. We will be using these flash cards throughout the year. They do not have to study these cards only cut them out for class.
Que tengan una excelente semana.

Senora K.