Greetings families of TREA
3-6 grade
Today we looked at the use of transitions within our speeches.

Our application exercise today,
was to break into teams and provide a mini speech consisting of
a topic, hook, body( 1-2 sentences ) transition and conclusion.

The students did very well on this first attempt at speech writing.

Ultimately I am grooming the students to have the ability to write their own speeches, as they become due in a few weeks.

1/2 grade

This group is quite impressive as they diligently bring their speeches each week. Now that they have a frame of reference in regard to speeches I am prepared to gently introduce more formal verbiage and techniques into their class time.

Therefore beginning this week we will alternate speeches

One week will be girl speech week (10/5/16)

The following week will be boy speech week (10/12/16)

I will continue to post the speech prompt page on this homework blog.

K/ 1

We read

The Elves and the Shoemaker. Story with comprehension/ listening questions.

We played poison frog( observation game)

Freeze dance ( listening game)

As our first month comes to a close we’re all slipping nicely into a productive yet fun routine. A sweet balance between learning and laughter, boundaries and blessings.

May your week be full of delightful memories to hold dear.

Very sincerely in service