RR Spanish Update

Buenos dias queridos padres!

I am proud of the children. They really enjoy learning Spanish.

We had fun going over the body part posters that they made at home last week.

We finished the lesson for September according to the scope and sequence.

Attached is the vocabulary list of the words we are using in class.

Every class we are reviewing numbers, colors, days of the week and months of the year, and basic expressions.

Yesterday we learned about classroom objects and things around the house. Attached is the song “Yo tengo una casita” and the lyrics. We also sang a song “Vamos a Cantar” and learned about the following action verbs: to sing “cantar”, to read “leer”, to write “escribir”. to eat “comer”, to whistle “silbar”, to laugh “reir”, to jump “saltar”, to snore “roncar”,and to clap “aplaudir” . They have the lyrics in their folder and I am attaching the music.

There is no homework for this week, but if you want extra practice at home you can work on the attached handouts for your grade.

Have a Blessed week!

Senora K

3rd thru 4th Handouts.pdf

5th thru 6th Handouts.pdf

K thru 2nd Handouts.pdf

Lyrics All Songs.pdf

Vocabulary Sep.pdf