Communication Wed 9/21- CP

Greetings TREA families
Grades 3-6
Today in communications class we discussed speech hooks. The students participated in a activity where they practiced linking a hook to a speech theme.
In addition
we played an observation game.

3-4 gr homework:
Choose a speech topic, then write a hook that supports the topic. Bring it to class on Wednesday and be prepared to share it.

Grades 1-2
Did a fantastic job sharing a 4 sentence speech they wrote at home.
We played an observation game.

**I will include a prompt page each week for families who want to print this page to aid their child in the homework assignment.
The prompt page is
of a free style writing assignment
not in addition to it.

1-2 gr Homework:
Bring a speech about an experience- or the speech prompt page, to share.

I read -with the help of input from the students- the story of
Goldilocks and the 3 bears.
Afterward we played an observation game

Very sincerely in service
Jenna Martin