CP & RR updates/reminders

Hello TREA parents! It was a fun and energetic week! To help the pick up process in the afternoon go as efficient as possible, please remind your children in the morning whether you are going to be using walk up or the carpool line (and please text me with any changes). Kiddos that are using the carpool line only will be in the gym (or sanctuary at the RR location) and children whose parents are walking up to get them will be in the hallway.

CP parents: Although we love that your children have formed great friendships and are enjoying time with their friends, there was an excessive amount of talking and “horse play” during pick up time today so I apologize for any delays in getting your children out to you. Teachers continually remind children that they need to be seated and listening for their names. Your help in reminding them that behavioral expectations still apply during pick up time would be much appreciated.

Furthermore, if you are going to bring birthday treats for your child to share with classmates, please email me in advance so that I may notify parents of students with food allergies. This will allow those parents the opportunity to bring an alternate special treat. Healthier treats and smaller portions of sugary treats are encouraged. Thank you! Have a wonderful rest of the week!

The information in quotations below was also sent out via email on Monday. To make sure that you are receiving all pertinent information, I wanted to send it again via the homework blog. If you did not receive it via email, please let me know so I can check for errors in my contact list. Thanks so much!

“The last couple of weeks with your kiddos have been so awesome! We are concerned and miss them when they’re not not there. If you are going to arrive late or if your child won’t be at school, please text me that morning or email me the night before. Once our day gets going, I’m not always able to check email. Also, if there is a change in how you will pick up your child, either carpool or walk up, please text me by noon that day. Thank you for your patience as we strive to make the process more efficient. Furthermore, please make sure all items are labeled with your child’s name. Each week I take home water bottles and lunch boxes and I’d like to notify you should your child leave something behind. Thank you.

Round Rock parents, Shihan Yokum was out this week and although he is anxious to join us, he needed a little more time to recover. He is able to drive now and he says he gets stronger ever day, but please continue to pray that he fully recovers from his head injury. Mrs. Haker has been a welcomed addition to our teachers aid/substitute team!
Please let me know if you have any questions. Thanks for sharing your precious children with us each week!”

Angela Turner, Director