Music September 7 and K/1 Character Building

Hi! Thanks everyone for a great first day of school! We had a lot of fun and I know I’ll sleep well tonight! I hope your kids came home singing and clapping "Deep in the heart of Texas" because that was our first song to learn this year. We also learned each other’s names while using body percussion to keep a steady beat.

K/1, I am so proud of this class for learning our routines, learning to follow our line leaders and just for being brave on their first day! Each class we will have 2 class leaders who will have special jobs that day. These include ringing the gong to start our day, helping with calendar time, leading the Pledge of Allegiance and Texas pledge, passing out hand sanitizer and holding our line leader and line caboose signs. Most importantly they will get to do show and tell with the Sharing bags. So today I sent the Sharing bags home with Austin and Michael. They can each pick one toy to bring back in the bags next week. I discourage legos because they are too breakable. The sharing bags include a spotlight to fill out so we can get to know you! If your child is sick, please bring the Sharing bag the following week!
Thanks and have a great week!
Mrs. Larsen