Art announcements – all grades

Hello Parents and Students!!! It was very exciting meeting all of you this week. Welcome to our Art class blog. Below are a few topics to get us started.

Sketch books

I understand a few parents had a hard time finding the spiral sketchbooks.

The reason for spiral is so that as we page through, looking back for reference or pure enjoyment, we don’t lose any valuable work. One parent pointed out that her daughter has had success with the non-spiral type so don’t worry if you bought one. Also, the nice thing about the sturdier sketchbook paper, is if you want to work with a heavier medium such as acrylic or tempera, you could do so with a coat of acrylic gesso first.

We will not need our sketch books the first week, but we will the second. Let me know if you are still having problems. I found several sketch books at the Walmart @1431/Ronald Reagan Blvd. yesterday.



Our curriculum may change depending on our students. You can always follow what we are working on by looking at their sketchbook, folder and blog.


I understand a few of our students must be careful with what they come in contact with.

Until prior notice we will be sticking with the graphite pencils, black ball point pens, kneaded erasers and Vine charcoal. Please send me an email with your concerns. I will work to ensure you are aware when our medium changes.


Any extra work I send is completely optional. As a mother of two young daughters I understand how busy any night of the week can be. If your child ran out of class time to finish they are always welcome to go back and rework any drawing. Artists all work at their own pace. Don’t feel pressured. Just know that parents may have some fun too, trying what we have been learning.

Feel free to add color to any of our class work.

Don’t get frustrated about finishing a drawing to your satisfaction. As artists sometimes we have to learn to let one drawing go for now. Very often artists will get frustrated and stuck on one little part. The best thing to do it take a break. Get a new perspective. Often, an artist will then work on a completely different drawing/painting. Many artists will take years to complete a work.

Thank You,

Alexandra Lagmanson