End of the Year Updates

Hello parents! Regarding the emails stating what foods to bring, please forgive the conflicting information and go off the original email sent on 4/27. (When sending reminders, I often reference previously sent emails but oddly couldn’t find my original, so I sent another one). Thank you for your grace and patience!

If you have already purchased food and prepared to bring a certain dish, please continue with that plan. Otherwise please see below for what to bring.

Luncheon Items to Bring (students do not need to bring their own lunch, just these items to share!) Please label all items, specifically if they are gluten free.

Kinder/1st – Veggies, dips and related dishes (enough for 10 people)

1st/2nd Grade – Fruit or related dishes (enough for 10 people; can be one item, like grapes or apple slices)

3rd-4th Grade – Sandwiches to share (enough for 10 people; can be finger sandwiches, mini subs or lettuce wraps)

5th-6th Grade – Girls: healthier sweet snacks (enough to share with 12 people)
Boys: healthier salty snacks like a bag of veggie chips or pretzels (enough to share with 12 people)

I will provide water for all the students and parents as well as paper products and silverware, and any extras. 🙂

This week, students may wear their TREA t-shirt or any dress of choice, as long as tops and bottoms are within the guidelines of the dress code regarding moderate length, etc. Looking ahead, please have your child wear their TREA t-shirt and athletic or comfortable shorts or appropriate athletic clothing and tennis shoes for field day. If you take pictures during our end of the year events and would like to share them on our private parents Facebook page, please first send them to me in an email, and I will post them. This will ensure the privacy of all those who did not sign a photo release form is respected.

Thank you again!

Blessings, Angela Turner, Director