EOY Art Presentation Info

Just wanted to give you all a quick rundown of how we are doing the art presentations!
First, if your student has not dropped off their art presentation, come find me before the day gets started and we will get it set up either on wall or a table depending on what they need.
Second, we will be using both the Art classroom and the hallways outside of it. Last year was a bit crammed in the room, so I thought we’d space it out a bit.
Finally, I will give a brief overview of our year in the room, and then students will go find their piece and stand by it. I’m not going to group it by age so that everyone has space to walk around.
No students will be presenting their pieces up front, but should be prepared to answer questions about it while they are with their piece.
There are so many pieces that we should use up just about 25 minutes from start to finish!
Looking forward to seeing it all come together! Your students have worked hard and I have LOVED what I’ve seen so far!

-Ms Newell