4/15 Spanish


The kiddos completed page 47 in the workbook ( mi familia). We continue this months bilingual book ( El cumple anos de Arthur). Some of our friends practiced their Spanish to the class with dialogue. Well done Kids! Please work on your family tree for homework this week. If you created a tree last year and would like to share a picture of your familia with the class that would be fine. Gracias!

Some of our friends shared their ( familia) with us this week, we also practiced small Spanish dialogue with our friends. It is a joy to listen to what your sweet children have learned this year! You may bring in your family tree anytime this month. Also, if you created a family tree last year and would like to share a family picture with the class instead that would be fine. Complete page 60 in the workbook for homework this week. Gracias!

We learned more about our friends ( familias) and their ( mascotas), thank you students for bringing and presenting your pictures! Some of our friends presented their projects this week as well. We learned more about Mexico and Argentina, and got to sample a favorite treat from Argentina! Thank you to Matthieu’s mom who brought in fresh baked empanadas and dulce de leche! Presentations will continue next week. Also, be praying about your scripture passage/ verse to what passage do you feel the holy spirit is leading you? If you need help translating into Spanish please see me! For homework this week work on your scripture translation and be ready to read in Spanish. Gracias!

5/6 :
Students please complete page 28/29 los adjectivos, plural and singular in the workbook for homework. This week we listened to presentations on Colombia and Mexico, great job Summer and Erin! These are the following students who have given me their scripture to be translated into Spanish. Cameron
The rest of you please continue to pray about what passage /verse you feel the Holy Spirit is leading you to? Translate into Spanish and be ready to share with the class! Gracias!

Have a wonderful weekend!
Maria Rodriguez