P.E/Health 2/24/16

Today in P.E/Health we sampled some homemade cider made with many of the spices and nutrient-dense items we have been focusing on each month in our nutrition lessons. Our cider was infused with cardamom, clove, cinnamon, and our nutrient of the month for March, star anise! Delicious and nutritious! Checkout the highlights below along with the recipe.

This week we also wrapped up our soccer unit. (For our soccer fans, don’t worry, we will have our sports in review and see it again in May). In March, we will work on softball and baseball fundamentals, and also have fun with kickball. Next week students may bring written facts about the health benefits of star anise for a fun prize!

Also, tuition is due next week! Thank you and have a wonderful Friday and weekend!

Many blessings,
Angela Turner, Director