Music Feb 24th and Character K/1

Hi Parents,
We had great auditions today for our Fish Tales Musical! I was so proud of the students who bravely stood and read lines or sang for their classmates. We have some real talent and enthusiasm!

For any interested students, you may purchase a CD of the Fish Tales music. CD’s are normally $12.95 but if we have orders of more than 10, we can order for $5 each.
IMPORTANT: If you would like a CD at the $5 price, please email me BEFORE this coming Wednesday March 2nd so I can get a count of how many CD’s to order. Then bring $5 to music class next Wednesday.
(Note: CD’s are strongly recommended if your child is singing a duet/solo (please email me if you are not sure if your child is a soloist/duet singer).
Here is a link to the Fish tales website if you are interested:

HOMEWORK FOR ALL: Teach the chorus of Love is the Bait to someone in your family, including the actions.
REMINDER: It is exciting to begin learning a musical, but as we learn songs, actions and movements, ALL students need to be reminded of the basic expectations of NOT CHATTING during class, RAISING HANDS, and showing respect. Thank you!

K/1 Character:
We had a great discussion about Job from the Bible, and about how we can be content with what we have.

Have a great week!
Mrs. Larsen