Art for March 2nd and info on the end of year project

This next week we will be studying Meret Oppeneheim; our first female artist! She was unique in her approach to surrealism so I will be very selective about the art of hers that we study.

She blended blended photography, painting, and every day objects to give us a unique look at the changing art scene and how the inclusion of photography shifted the concept of surrealism. She also added texture and unexpected color to objects to take the realistic and make it surrealistic. We will be taking our own "every day objects" and putting a surrealistic spin on them.

Art board:

As a head’s up (more info will be handed out in class this next week), each student will be creating their own end of year art project to contribute to our Art class’s Modern Museum of Art. Students will be allowed to choose from any artist born after 1850 (including the many artists we haven’t touched on), although I would encourage them to choose soon as I’ll have to help them find a new one if all the kids in the class want to do the same artists (I’ve already given permission to allow three girls in 3rd-4th to do a group project on Escher, so probably school-wide only one more kid will get to choose Escher).

They are welcome to email that information to me this next week if they pick out an artist before Wednesday or we can talk about it in class on the 2nd.

Here’s a great link/helpful timeline for picking out an artist:
The link only goes until 1940, but they are allowed to choose artists that are still alive/famous today. The only stipulation would be that the artist has made a name for themselves in the art world and has a biography that is researchable.

Looking forward to seeing you all next week!

~ Ms Newell