Music Feb 17th/K/1 Character

Grades K/1 and 1/2 will be studying the Carnival of the Animals for the next few weeks. They will be making booklets about the animals and music/instruments they hear. K/1 continue to practice keeping a steady beat, sing and recognize musical instrument sounds. This week 1/2 practiced reading the treble staff and playing glockenspiels and percussion simultaneously.

Grades 3-6 have been working hard on their recorders and singing in rounds/playing recorder rounds.
HOMEWORK: Keep practicing My Dredyl and practice Scotland’s Burning.

All grades will begin learning the music for our end of the year musical, Fish Tales!
IMPORTANT********* We will be having "AUDITIONS" for the largest roles in Fish Tales THIS COMING WEDNESDAY. DON’T MISS IT! Everyone will have a role in Fish Tales, whether in the chorus or playing instruments, but some will have longer speaking parts and solos/duets, so come READY to READ SOME LINES and maybe even SING to get an idea of possible soloists. I introduced Fish Tales this week and I absolutely LOVED the enthusiastic response from the students.

Have a great week!
Mrs. Larsen

K/1 Character
We read "The Bell of Atri" and talked about responsibility and not neglecting our chores like the knight who neglects to feed his horse.