2/12 spanish


We sang songs and completed page 35 in the workbook. Please finish for homework. We listened to this months bilingual book and recognized some of our vocabulary words in the story. Great job kiddos!

1/2 grade:
The kids sang along with me to (los animales hablan español) complete page 39 in the workbook if not finished in class for homework.Gracias!

3/4 grade:
Students, please finish filling in your bingo card with 16 of this months vocabulary words (in spanish) if not completed during class. We will be playing next week.

5/6 grade:
The students learned how to form sentences using (¿Que?) asking and answering questions properly. Finish pages 16/17 for homework this week. Follow the pattern on page 14 . Gracias!

Have a beautiful weekend!
Maria Rodriguez