1/15 Spanish

Hola!!! Buenas tardes!!!!

We listened to a song about comida ( Jugo de Naranja) the kids completed a worksheet ( circle the correct comida) please finish for homework. Gracias!

1/2 grade:
The students put together a mini Spanish book (Mi abuela le gusta cocinar) complete page 33 in the workbook for homework. Gracias!

3/4 grade:
We completed a worksheet ( El Dormitorio) please finish for homework. The students enjoyed listening to friends present ( Mi Casa). Thank you for being detailed and creative!

5/6 grade:
We discussed Los verbos ending in (ar) this week. The students learned how to properly conjugate them. We also completed page 12 in the workbook . Students, the last three picture translations for la ropa are as follows. El traje de bano
El abrigo
La chaqueta

Maria Rodriguez