Art of Communication

Greetings Families
3-6 grade
This week we again focused on the act of listening, specifically
-Reasons for Poor Listening-
As well as verbal discussion about the benefits of communication.

Both classes had their first taste of team debate for this semester, as we debated which of our physical senses out of the five is the most vital.

We spoke of genuine compliments versus flattery.
We played a few games to support the lesson.

We read 3 Names, story
With many interruptions occurring in class, we spoke much about interrupting v’s self control :))

These little darlings are just starting down the road of navigating socially, they’ll do just fine.
We all had to learn it at some point- It usually occurs with little baby steps over many years, for most of us.

-No Homework –

Very sincerely

Jenna M