Art of Communication class

Greeting all
3-6 grade we are shifting our focus from primarily -giving- information in the form of speeches To a more
-speaking/listening/ discussing-
form of debate.

In order to maintain a healthy democracy, which we Americans hold dear, we must listen to opposing views. And after listening, have the freedom give our point of view.
For what good is any opinion if nobody is listening? What could we offer each other in life more important than the act of communication?
In deed our relationship with our Creator and each person we come in contact with is based on and capable due to communication.

Today the 3-6 grades discussed Faulty Listening Behaviors-
The students were required to take notes, to stay engaged.

-No Homework-

1/2 grade discussed the benefits of using ” please and thank you ” in our communication with others.
We played cooperative games.

K/1 grade we read a book-
Jessie Bear all year- I asked questions that promoted and indicated listening skills. We played a few cooperative games.

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