Music Classes 11/18, Character Building K/1

I love reading the students’ music paragraphs each week and seeing how they are applying music to their lives. This week we focused on Beethoven, gratitude and emotions in music.
We sang about being thankful in many languages, and some of the grades wrote gratitude songs about Rock Enrichment!We talked about being grateful for our ears/hearing and how Beethoven must have felt being a deaf musician. We learned and reenacted some Beethoven stories and tried to appreciate the emotion and passion he put into his music. This led to a discussion about using music as an outlet for emotions such as frustration, sadness or even excitement.
Here is a link to some more information and listening to Beethoven. You should see links on the right side of the page to some classics for kids shows that you can watch to listen to more Beethoven music:

HOMEWORK for Grades 3-6, (OPTIONAL for 1/2): Listen to some of the Beethoven music and think of what emotions come to mind. Try to be creative and WRITE about a time you’ve dealt with frustration or sadness or excitement and how music can help you deal with it. (Example: make up words to go with the tune of Beethoven’s 5th: I am so sad (GGG Eflat), that I got sick (FFFD).
PRACTICE YOUR RECORDER MUSIC that was sent home this week. Each class is divided into 2 groups: practice your part.

Happy Thanksgiving! If you haven’t yet had the chance, try to watch Perfect Harmony during your holiday break!

K/1 Character Building:
We talked about gratitude and acted out the 10 Lepers story 🙂 We also made turkeys with our hands and drew pictures of things we are thankful for 🙂