11/13 Spanish


We made a book this week ( Como esta el tiempo hoy?) what is the weather today? Please review this months vocabulary words for our end of the month memory jogger next week. Gracias!

1-2: grade
The students completed page 16 in the workbook, please finish for homework if not complete. Our memory jogger will be completed next month after more practice with our greetings and introductions.

3-4 grade:
We enjoyed reading poetry in Spanish this week (hojitas de otoño.) If you would like extra sticker points be ready to read in front of the class next week! Review page 46 and 47 for your end of the month memory jogger. Be prepared to translate small phrases using mi, tu, su, nuestra and nuestro.

5-6 grade:
The students had their end of the month memory jogger this week, they all did a fantastic job! Complete pages 32-35 for homework this week.

Maria Rodriguez